Loading Docks Protected By Metal Hoods

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Feb 04 2022

Loading Docks are essential to warehouses, storage facilities, distributors, post offices and many other businesses. They’re a key location for shipping and receiving and need to be protected to keep business operations flowing. Without this protection, companies could see damage due to inclement weather, falling debris and other accidents.

How to Protect Loading Docks

Metal Hoods, also known as Dock Shelter Canopy Hoods, are custom canopies that are designed to fit over warehouse shipping and receiving bays. They’re used to keep unwanted debris from falling on the truck, materials, and workers. The overhang allows trucks to safely dock, lets workers safely unload materials and they protect the area when not in use.

Case Study: Custom Hood Order

Our team of designers, project managers and machine operators were recently given an order for 154 custom loading dock hoods. These loading docks were an essential part to this company’s everyday business and the owners wanted to make sure the material, equipment and workers remained safe on the job. The order was placed the last week of November 2021, was successfully manufactured to customer specifications and was received by the buyer in the 1st week of January 2022. Our highly skilled team of machine operators were able to shear, bend and weld these hoods for the loading docks in a very short period of time. Budget, time frame and design requirements were all met.

Project Details
– Quantity: 154 Loading Dock Hoods
– Product Specifications: 14 gauge metal hood, 36 inch projection x `132 inch width with 4 – 9/16 inch diameter holes punched in the upper 2 inch flange. Powdered coated black
– Manufactured in Buffalo, NY and shipped to New Jersey

Who We Are and What We Do

Metal Fabrication Services, a division of Eberl Iron Works, Inc. has been manufacturing dock shelter hoods for the dock and door industry for over twenty-five years. Through effective cost control measures, we now offer the most efficient manufactured and durable metal hoods in the industry; offering them in various gauges and sizes. Our custom hoods are offered in G90 galvanized material or in powder-coated to match your custom requirements. Click the button below to learn more.

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