Metal Forming

Four Press Brakes In-House

The Eberl Iron Works manufacturing warehouse, located in Buffalo, NY since 1923, is home to four Press Brake machines. Our largest machine is a Cincinnati 400 Ton Mechanical Press Brake which can bend 12 foot lengths of 3/8″ thick material and 6 foot lengths of 1/2″ material.

Bent Plate is one of our specialties – it would have to be after almost 90 years of bending steel! We offer a number of standard shapes to choose from, but we are also very comfortable working with you on your custom designs and projects. We’re always happy to take a look at customer drawings and come up with a fast and accurate quote for fabrication of your custom project.

Eberl Iron Works uses CNC equipment to ensure the most accurate bends and tightest material tolerances in your finished product.

Steel Bending Capabilities:

  • 3/8″ Material up to 12 Feet Long
  • 1/2″ Material up to 6 Feet Long

With those purchases Eberl Iron Works was welcomed into the ranks of steel benders. These purchases later led to being called upon to produce bumpers for Jeeps during World War II war efforts.

We’re “Steel” Here After Nearly 100 Years!

Always wise investors, Eberl Iron Works used cash reserves to purchase the first major pieces of fabrication equipment – a Press Brake and Metal Shear – for the then fledgling business in the 1930’s, during the Great Depression.

Many new pieces of equipment have been purchased since then, and many others retired, but after nearly a century of exemplary customer service, we are “steel” here today!