Metal Shearing

Meet Our Metal Shear, the Lovely Miss Rita!

The Eberl Iron Works manufacturing warehouse, located in Buffalo, NY since 1923, is home to our Cincinnati 500 Metal Shear, affectionately named, “Rita”. Rita can shear half inch thick metal plate that is up to twelve feet in length. Our sheet metal shear is also equipped with a conveyor and auto scrap separator for faster, cleaner metal shearing.

Eberl Iron Works uses CNC equipment to ensure tight material tolerances and a high level of accuracy in your finished product.

Metal Shearing Capabilities:

  • 1/2″ Thick Material up to 12 Feet Long
Cincinnati 500 Metal Shear, Eberl Metal Fabrication Services Division

Shearing Metal Since the Great Depression

Eberl Iron Works was fortunate to have set aside enough money to buy their first major machinery – a metal shear and press brake – with cash reserves, in the early 1930’s.

These purchases were put to good use during World War II when the Eberl’s were called upon to help produce metal bumpers for Jeeps, to aid with the war effort.

Our Metal Fabrication Services division has been shearing metal for our loyal customers for more than nine decades!