Cobot Welding

Employing a Robot Welder for Fast, Precise Welds

Metal Fabrication Services has added Cobot Welding to our ever-expanding list of service offerings.

With the recent purchase of our Vectis Standard-Duty, Air Cooled Welding Cobot we have the ability to turn out clean, accurate, consistent, high quality welded parts faster than ever before. Employing welding robots allows us to boost our productivity, by increasing the efficiency of repetitive welding jobs, and ultimately lower costs to our customers.

Faster Production Equals Shortened Lead Times

Automating welding production with the use of a robotic welder has also helped us speed up production to shorten our lead times even further. We are now able to complete the same job as much as four times faster and get parts out the door, and to where they’re needed, in much less time.

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