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The roots of Eberl Iron Works, Inc., and our oldest division, Metal Fabrication Services (MFS) was founded in 1923. MFS provides custom metal shearing and forming services to the miscellaneous and structural steel industries, as well as to manufacturers and general contractors. Our Metal Fabrication Services division has maintained a long tradition of solid and superior service since its founding.

What We Offer

Shearing services on metal sheets a thin as 20 gauge through metal plates as thick as 1/2″ and up to 12 feet in length. We also offer metal shearing on flat bar material that is 1/2” thick by 20” wide, 3/4” thick by 18” wide, or 1” thick by 12” wide.

Our four Press Brakes can form metal sheets as thin as 20 gauge through 3/8” thick plate with a maximum length of 12 feet,  and ½” thick plate with a maximum length of 6 feet. We also offer a complete range of additional fabrication services, including:

What We Can Do For You:

Our Metal Fabrication Division manufactures a diverse range of products and shapes, useful across a multitude of industries and applications. Some of our products include:

Our 28,500 square foot facility is filled with a large array of materials, so that we can fabricate your custom job at a moment’s notice, and because we offer so many different fabrication services in house, we are able to control the manufacturing process to provide a superior standard of quality on our products and a quick turnaround time.

Why pay for expensive dies, and put undue strain on your own expensive machinery, when letting us do the job for you will save you wear and tear on your machines, time, aggravation and money?

Sheet Metal Fabricators
Sheet Metal Fabricators
Shearing Through the Competition While Forming a Solid Tradition of Quality Service


Sheet Metal Fabricators
Board of Advisors
Sheet Metal Fabricators
Board of Advisors
Sheet Metal Fabricators
Co-Owner / CFO
John Eberl | Custom Metal Fabricators | MFS | Metal Fabrication Services | a Division of Eberl Iron Works, Inc. | Buffalo, NY USA
Co-Owner / CEO
Sheet Metal Fabricators
Gregory N. Jones
Operations Manager
Sheet Metal Fabricators
National Sales Manager
Sheet Metal Fabricators
Metal Fabrication & Systems Product Specialist
Carl Walker
Metal Fabrication Services Product Specialist

About Eberl Iron Works, Inc.

Serving the Needs of Our Customers Since 1923
1923 - Founded

EIW was founded in 1923 by brothers George and Frank Eberl. EIW began as a small welding shop which fabricated wrought iron railings, exterior fire escapes and miscellaneous iron.

Contained within EIW are five unique and distinct divisions, that meet our customers’ most challenging needs: Rooftop Support Systems (RTS), Traffic Safety Products (TSP), Unistrut Buffalo Supports (UBS), Metal Fabrication Services (MFS), Systems Installation & Design (SID)

History of Eberl MetalFab Division
2012 - Cousins Take Over

Ownership passed to our third generation on January 1, 2012, with cousins John Eberl as chief executive officer and Nora Eberl as chief financial officer.

Their talent and enthusiasm are proving invaluable as they pursue new strategies for growth, and new ideas for our valued customers.

John & Nora Eberl - Cousins and Co-Owners of Eberl MetalFab Division
2016 - Rooftop Division Relocates

Housed in the same building (right next door to the Eberl Family’s original residence) since its inception in 1923, EIW has expanded its warehouse three times, over the years, to account for growth and increased storage needs.

In 2016, the Rooftop Supports division was moved into a newly acquired building, right down the street from our headquarters, to pave the way for present and future growth.

Order are shipped, nationwide, right from our headquarters, in downtown Buffalo, NY.