Industrial Pipe Guards Protect Your Facility

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Sep 15 2017

Use Industrial Pipe Guards to Cover & Protect Exposed Electrical & Mechanical Supports

Industrial Pipe Guards keep your plumbing, gas and electric protected from vehicles and material handling equipment. Pipe Guards shield your electrical conduit, water pipes, gas lines and more from sustaining accidental damage.

Inexperienced fork truck or lift operators and delivery personnel who may not be familiar with your building could be an accident waiting to happen. By using Industrial Pipe Guards, you can prevent these accidents from turning into expensive repair jobs.

Protect your workers. A mishap which causes live wires to be exposed, a gas leak, or flooding are potentially life threatening. Prevention is the best measure you can take to safeguard your employees and keep them out of harm’s way.

Keep workers safe and prevent damage caused by delivery vehicles, and other material handling and maintenance equipment by taking the time to install protection.

Though Industrial Pipe Guards are more commonly used inside of buildings, they can also be used out of doors, on building exteriors. Guards can be manufactured from a variety of materials. to suit your needs, including: Carbon Steel, Diamond Tread Plate, Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Pipe Guards can also be painted – and even powder coated – to match the color scheme or branding of your building or business, or to call attention to them as a safety feature.

Also known as downspout pipe guards (downspout covers, steel downspout protectors, pipe covers, pipe guard, pipe shield, etc.) Industrial Pipe Guards are typically typically manufactured from heavy-duty quarter inch steel, in two basic styles: wall mount and column mount. They have location holes pre-punched or pre-drilled to allow for easy anchoring to: masonry walls, cinder block walls,  studded walls, or columns.

Applications Include:

  • downspout pipe guards
  • electrical wiring guard
  • conduit guard
  • mechanical pipe guard
  • gas pipe guard
  • steel downspout protectors
  • plumbing pipe guard
  • parking garage pipe guard
  • water pipe guard
  • downspout cover


  • Material Thickness: Standard ¼” thickness additional options range from 20 gauge sheet to ½“ thick plate
  • Uses: Interior and Exterior of buildings
  • Mounting Options: Wall Mounted, Column Mounted
  • Available Material: Carbon Steel, Diamond Tread Plate, Aluminum, Stainless Steel
  • Available Finishes: Bare Steel, Primed Painted, Powder Coated, Hot Dip Galvanized.
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