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Sep 08 2023

When a long time customer of our Traffic Safety Products division came to us with a problem, we turned to our Metal Fabrication division to help them solve it with a custom fab job. They were experiencing recurrent issues with their highway and road signs. Intermittent high speed wind conditions were causing their u channel sign posts to lean over and, in some cases, even become completely uprooted from the ground, negatively impacting sign visibility and safety. They were continuously sending out road crews for time consuming repairs.

u-channel soil anchor

Our team of designers saw this as an opportunity to develop a u channel soil anchoring product that would save the customer time and money. This new product is especially important for areas where there are more extreme weather conditions (wind speeds), where the soil is softer and unable to support a post, or where a post installer would have to install the post deeper than normal to withstand the conditions.

Our metal fabrication capabilities, machines, access to material, and skilled engineers, along with our proven record of reliability and quick turn around times were all factors that ensured our customer had no doubt that our Metal Fabrication Services division would be able to provide an excellent solution.

Fabricated Metal Soil Anchors Prevent Signpost Failure

Our custom fab soil anchors were designed with simplicity and safety in mind. These anchors easily attach to u channel posts to provide extra support when installing sign posts and traffic signs in wind zones. By increasing surface area, this unique soil stabilization method adds additional stability to sign posts and prevents sign posts from leaning or pulling out of the ground.

Custom Fabricated Soil Anchor That Installs Easily

Our Soil Anchors are designed to be easily attached to U-Channel with just basic hardware: two 5/16″ bolts, with washers and nuts, and they are easily driveable into soft soil. First the soil anchor is securely attached to the sign post, then the assembly is driven into the ground and, finally, the sign can be attached. The soil stabilization provide by our anchors increases surface area for support and is a great problem solving solution for post installers, DOT’s, and road workers.

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